What is narrative design?

Narrative design is of course the story of the game, and it is the glue that keeps everything together – like a nice coat over the core mechanics, features and player experience. It is the thing that makes the world building in a game feel consistent, that explains why something looks a certain way, or why this particular information is told at just this moment. It is the knowledge of how it strengthens what the game is about. It is also the art of making beautiful stories come to life.

I work with both analogue and digital narrative design, and writing – both pop cultural nonfiction and fiction. I make and create pedagogic content for all kind of games, roleplaying games for educational purposes as well as larp scripts and interactive art. Digitally I mainly do narrative design in computer games, but also project management and audio design.

This is my portfolio, where you can find examples and links to my works. Welcome!


Linkedin Anna-Karin Linder

Twitter: @kalashnicore