At the foot of Yggdrasil (2018)

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At the foot of Yggdrasil is a larp about humanity and the quest for solving the problems one can encounter in life. It is a larp about the hardships of being alive. It is a larp about epic quests and forgiveness. About finding answers. And it is a larp about the never changing, ever being, unfathomable Goddesses of Fate. It is a larp that can be played as a comedy. Or as a tragedy. Or a bit of both, just as life. It is inspired by the myths of godly interaction with humans, by the Norse tales, the Greek myths and a little bit by Neil Gaiman.

At the foot of Yggdrasil is written by Frida Lindegren and me.

Download the game: Larp script Yggdrasil

The Drinklings (2018)


A group of friends meets regularly in a pub. They all work as respectable and esteemed scholars at an ancient university, but they all also write fantastical fiction in their spare time. The larp is made up of scenes depicting a series of their monthly meetings, at which they talk about their writing and how it’s going, and bounce ideas around the table. The last scene, set much later, involves a group of critics discussing the work of these giants.

This is a light-hearted larp, with themes of friendship and the tension between support and envy/competitiveness. When your friend gets a book contract for the work you’ve been helping them with, while your own (far superior!) masterpiece languishes unrecognized, how do you feel? What will the judgment of history have to say about you?

The Drinklings is written by Mo Holkar and me.

Download the game here!

Parmiddagen (2017)

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Parmiddagen (eng: The dinner party) was a project that was made with the Swedish Radio. It was both a drama series produced for Swedish radio + podcast listening, and a live action roleplay that anyone can download and play at home. I was in the writing team for the drama series, and I designed and wrote the larp script for the interactive downloadable version. (There will be a translation to English, shortly)

Duration: ~6 hours (including workshop).

Number of players: 6

Listen here (Swedish)

Download and play (Swedish)


Read more about the process from the creative lead and director of Parmiddagen, Malin Axelsson

See me talk about Parmiddagen at the conference Interaction / Unfinished:






BRUDPRIS (2013, 2014, 2016)

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Brudpris is a larp that seeks to explore honour and honour-based cultures, but also to draw parallels to contemporary society and how we perceive gender and culture. The game takes place in a fictitious world, in a fictitious culture, but the details are borrowed from real-world cultures. The goal is for all participants to gain insights into how honour-based cultures function and feel, from many perspectives. Both as the one who upholds the norms and as the one punished for endangering the honour.

In working with Brudpris I was lead designer with Carolina Dahlberg. We made the world, the lore and the culture from scratch. It is heavily influenced by 19th century Sweden and contemporary honour cultures. Brudpris has been played four times. Sweden 2013, Norway 2014, Denmark 2016.

Duration: 60 hours + 8 hour workshop
Number of players: 50

Read article about Brudpris at Nordic Larp 


DECAMERONE (2012, 2017)

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Decamerone is a game that’s written as a prequel to Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale. The game deals with the question of staying and fighting for your ideals or fleeing a hardening oppression. The game take place just before the new nation Gilead is founded, a strict and violent theocracy. The characters are people who are in the crossfire for religious repercussions, and they are waiting in a safe house to (hopefully) get smuggled over to Canada. Everyone has harsh reasons to leave, and good reasons to stay.

Duration: ~6 hours (including workshop).

Number of players: 12

Script (in Swedish): Decamerone larp script


The Monitor Celestra (2013)

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The Monitor Celestra was a crazy project with 20+ people in the dev team. We played the game in an old destroyer in Gothenburg: Jagaren Småland. It was a game that built from the TV-series Battlestar Galactica; a ship that had become lost from the fleet of the surviving humanity after the Cylon attack that wiped out almost all of the human population. The ship carried people from the Tauron ethnicity group, and wasn’t all pleased when it was boarded by a (mostly) Caprican crew from Battlestar Galactica. The game touched themes such as paranoia, racism and fear of the unknown. I worked as a game writer, developing the Tauron culture, writing characters and game mastering the game.

Duration: 48 hours

Number of players: 144 (the game was played 3 times in March 2013)

Duration: 48 hours

Number of players: 144 (the game was played 3 times in march 2013)

Game trailer

See me talk about the world building

JOAKIM (2012 -)

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Joakim is a game about a person and his name is Joakim. Every year the class of the prestigious theatre school meet to eat and reconnect. They have their own jokes, their own way of speaking, and they have Joakim, their clown and punching bag. But this year, Joakim isn’t here. And everybody knows it’s because of what the group did last year. But nobody wants to talk about it. And nobody wants to be the new Joakim.

Joakim explores grownup bullying and how it can be that a group that doesn’t feel evil or oppressive can be really mean. It’s a game about how a group can force you to become someone you don’t want to be at all.

Joakim is a 360° larp with a few meta techniques used to enhance the theme of group pressure and not daring to say what you really feel.

Duration: ~6 hours (including workshop).

Number of players: 8-13

Download game (English)

Download game (Swedish)