I started Feminist Dystopias in 2016. It is a short story blog that publishes novellas from different writers. I am editor, founder and also a contributor under the name Kalashnicore.

Feminist Dystopias examines the fear of feminist power, of what would happen if that power was something dangerous or evil. It explores and plays with the fear of feminism, and creating new and exciting dystopian sci-fi worlds. I love the short story as a form, to build a world with just a few words. It is an instant art form and, when good, able to draw the reader in immediately.

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Excerpts from Feminist Dystopias (from the short story The Pill written by me)

‘The Pill was small and yellow. It came in flat white packets. No labels. Everybody knew what it was anyway. He got enough to last him half a year, and then an appointment with a doctor to see if he’d gotten some of the more nasty side effects.

“Why don’t we rebel?” he thought when his mother watched him take the first pill that night. “We were the stronger ones once. We could take that power again.” The answer was immediate: rebel with what? They took the boys so early, never past fifteen. And when The Pill did it’s thing, no one wanted to do anything about it. That was the horror and the beauty of it.’