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“I have played in Brudpris and both played and game-mastered the scenario Joakim. Her work has influenced both for my professional work as a play scholar, and my own work as a larp designer. I consider Anna-Karin Linder to be one of the most brilliant larp designers in the Nordic larp tradition. Her brilliance lies in the combination of difficult subjects and the down-to-earth techniques to address them: in the congenial design of characters, pre-game workshops and narrative progression that enable players to engage deeply and meaningfully with the subjects addressed.”
Annika Waern – game designer, professor in HCI

“I have organised several LARPs where Anna-Karin been co-organizer and writer. In particular, I had the privilege of working with her at Paringsdans. Her ingenuity and willingness to find new disputes on an already developed concept are exceptionally well developed. Anna-Karin has a great sense of dramaturgy and doing something playable. The constant will to develop and deepen has been inspiring and instructive.”
Johan Röklander – co-organizer and designer

“I went to the first run of Brudpris. After nearly 10 years of larping and participating in many different games, Brudpris is still one of the most memorable games I’ve ever attended and the first one that comes to mind when people ask me about my favourite larps. It was intense, emotional and subtle in a way that changed my perception of many things, and it left me reeling for weeks. I would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who likes emotionally heavy, but also rewarding, games.”
Signe Hornborg – player

“Anna-Karin Linder has an early ability to communicate a depth of character with very few words most other larp writers lack. I have played Brudpris, Joakim and Decameron. In especially Brudpris and Decameron I was able to get a complete picture of the character I was to portray, with motivations, personality, weaknesses and strengths all within a couple of hundred words. Her larps often focus on low key drama and explore interesting themes such as relationships, oppression, friendship and love in a finely tuned and realistic way that gets under your skin. I aspire to one day reach her level of sophistication in game design.”
Siri Sandqvist – game designer, player

“Anna-Karin is one of the most respected and revered game designers in nordic larp, and for good reason. I worked with her on several game projects at LajvVerkstaden, and besides being a joy to work with, she is one of the most accomplished designers I have ever collaborated with. Anna-Karin has a finely tuned sense of the rhythm of a game, and will intuitively guide it to the place where it gives the most to the player. She also has a fantastic ability to identify design problems, and not only solve them but flip them into features that enhance the game. I would consider any company that gets to work with her very lucky indeed.”
Teresa Axner – game designer and co-worker

“Anna-Karin is a brilliant designer, who manages to take difficult subjects and turn them into respectful, meaningful experiences for the player. I’ve played both Joakim and Brudpris, and they leave you emotional and shaken, but immensely glad you’ve played them. I still consider Brudpris the best game I’ve ever played. Apart from design, she is also a very practical person who manages to see solutions when problems arise, which makes her participants trust her and her decisions.”
Alma Elofsson – game designer, player